Replacing manhole covers in Heritage Wharf

hertiage wharf lead image copy


Direct Drain Services were sent to Heritage Wharf to replace a broken manhole cover. The old manhole cover was cut out and replaced with a new rectangular cast iron one.  Below is how we would go about this.

Our engineers are hot on safety so first barriers are erected before any work goes ahead. A picture frame would have been cut with a saw around the broken manhole then the existing material within the old frame would be broken out.  Once broken up this is then excavated then the manhole is removed using a suitable mechanical lifting device. If there was any brickwork there that had broken this would be replaced and cemented in. The new manhole cover ( in this case a rectangular one) would then be ready to be put in, firstly this would be tampered and leveled and then concrete would be mixed and laid around the outside within the frame work. The cover is then ready to be replaced. All work would then be cleared and the site left clean and tidy and hazard free.

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