Gutter Cleaning Services

We provide residential and commercial gutter cleaning services across London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent Surrey and Sussex. Our skilled team regularly clear the gutters of offices, retail facilities, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, industrial units and warehouses, hospitals and schools.

Using the SkyVac Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum we are able to clean guttering to a height of 4 stories – 12 m / 40 ft. This eliminates the need for scaffolding, mobile towers and cherry pickers, which in turn reduces the organisation needed and the overall cost of the works.

A frequently overlooked part of property maintenance is the cleaning and repair of guttering. This is largely because gutters are high up by the rooftop, which means problems are often hidden out of sight and you cannot see any blockages or what condition they are in. Unfortunately poorly maintained guttering can cause significant problems to a property.

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    Why should I have my gutters cleaned?

    It is essential to maintain the guttering of your premises to protect your building from damp, mould and to prolong the lifespan of your gutters. Poorly maintained guttering can lead to costly repairs.

    Your property’s guttering is designed to catch rainwater running off the roof and disperse it into the drainage system around the building. Over time gutters naturally accumulate dirt and debris such as leaves and twigs, as well as layers of moss which grow in damp conditions. If left unchecked, this combination of materials can fill the guttering, causing it to overflow, especially if the build-up has caused blocked downpipes, which prevents the rainwater from draining away.

    How do I know if my gutters need to be cleaned?

    The most common signs that your gutters are in need of a clean are rainwater overflowing the gutter, sagging gutters or water and mould stains on the exterior walls of the property. In more extreme circumstances a blockage or a build-up of debris can lead to the gutter leaking back into the eaves of the property, which can cause substantial damage.

    If your property has trees around it, it is advisable to have your guttering cleaned on a regular basis as leaves and twigs are a common cause of blocked guttering and pipework.

    Poorly Maintained Guttering Is An Insurance Liability

    It has been known for insurance companies to refuse a pay-out for damage found to be caused by poorly maintained guttering. Generally speaking, buildings insurance covers damage caused by unexpected events that are beyond your control. Conversely, insurance companies take the view that damage that results from poor maintenance, in this case guttering, could have been avoided with a regular schedule of buildings maintenance.

    For that reason, it is advisable to make gutter cleaning part of either a six-monthly or yearly cyclical maintenance program.  

    Down Pipes

    Once the gutters have been cleared of debris it is advisable to check the downpipes for blockages along with any surface water gullies that the down pipes flow into. If the downpipes are found to be blocked these can then be cleared by use of high-pressure water jetting.

    Guttering /Downpipe Repairs

    We are able to offer guttering repairs on low level buildings such as houses, garages and extensions and offer a free site visit survey to determine the scope of works required.

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