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No pipe or drain repair is too big or too small and we are competent in repairing both internal and external drainage. We also replace defective manhole chamber covers, gullies, soil vent pipes, install anti-flood systems and grease traps, pump chambers, petrol interceptor tanks and soak away systems.

We have all the required Street Works licences and qualifications that may be required so we can react to any problem swiftly and make repairs on pipe work from the smallest pipe up to the drainage contained in the Public Highway.

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Excavation & Replacement Methods

To work properly, drains and sewers must be in a good condition and any damage to your drains will need to be repaired. Direct Drain Services engineers are experts in replacing cracked, broken or collapsed pipes. Our drain repair team will advise you what repairs are necessary and will be able to resolve any problem promptly and with the minimum of disruption.

For all types of repair, we will give you a fixed-price quote before we begin any work so you know what the cost of the work will be, and all of our work is guaranteed.

Drain Repairs by no-dig lining techniques

Wherever possible we will repair drains using no-dig lining methods as this causes minimal disruption and is more cost effective, while still ensuring that drains are watertight and will work properly.

A CCTV survey will normally be performed to confirm the structural condition of the drain and DDS will be able to advise which type of lining repair is required. If single or isolated structural faults exist then patch lining methods may be recommended. If the entire drain between two points is damaged then a full Cured In Place Liner (CIPP) will be necessary.

Both of these repair options require the drain to be cleaned using high pressure water jetting methods before the repairs are made to ensure that the surface of the pipes is clean. Most drains can be repaired using one of these two methods, including vitrified clay, cast iron, concrete, pitch fibre and UPVC.

Drain Repair Techniques

Patch lining repair methods use a glass fibre mat and specially prepared resins that are appropriate for use in drains and sewers. Once these have been prepared they are transferred to an inflatable packer which is positioned within the drain to make sure that the glass fibre mat will cover the broken or damaged section.

The packer is then inflated, forcing the glass fibre against the wall of the drain. The resin cures and hardens, attaching the glass fibre to the drain. The packer can then be deflated and removed, leaving the drain sealed and watertight.

Direct Drain Services uses the full (CIPP) liners (Cured in Place Liner) method when a larger area needs repairing. This method uses a polyester felt liner that is impregnated with resin and is winched or inserted into the damaged drain and secured in place with air or water. The resin cures in ambient or hot temperatures leaving a watertight ‘new’ drain inside the existing damaged one.

Pitch Fibre drainage was used in the 1960s but is now considered to be sub-standard as it is prone to deformation, peeling, blistering, loss of structural integrity and other faults. Pitch fibre pipe work often appears to be oval rather than circular in profile as it has been squashed.

DDS can remedy this problem using re-rounding equipment and then inserting a polyester felt liner impregnated with resin into the pipe. Air or water is used to inflate the liner into position and once the curing process has finished, a new more effective drain will exist within the old pipe, without the need for excavation or major works.


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