Direct Drain to the rescue – Two men and a boat

Monks orchard School copy


Direct Drain were at Monks Orchard primary school in Croydon replacing a full 30 metre section of pipe work when the engineer found the rain water gully in the children’s playground was blocked.

This was no safe place for a child to play so as a good will gesture our team cleared the blockage. As you can see it was so deep a man made boat (or a bath in this case) was used to keep our engineers feet from getting wet. We thought this was a particularly cool shot to put on our website so here it is. As you can see nothing will get in the way of our engineers doing the job, how intuitive.

Once the line was jetted and cleaned and the surrounding area tidied up and made safe, our engineers did a CCTV of the line to make sure it was clear. A full report would be written up at the office.

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