Camera Deployment

Camera Deployment

Our drain technicians deploy the CCTV camera down the drain pipe.

CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection

Our skilled technicians navigate our CCTV camera through your drains.

Identifying the problem

Identifying the problem

Our technicians locate and assess the problem.

CCTV Surveys

If you have a problem with recurring blockages in your pipe work, we will suggest that we carry out a CCTV survey to establish what is causing the blockages and to determine the extent of the problem. Using specialist camera equipment, we can also assess the structural condition of your drains, sewers and pipe work.

CCTV surveys quickly identify cracked, fractured, broken and collapsed drains and once we’ve carried out the survey, depending on what we find, we will advise you as to the best solution.

Pre-purchase Drain Surveys

Direct Drain Services also carry out pre-purchase drainage surveys, which offer peace of mind to new and existing home owners ensuring that the “out of sight and out of mind” drainage system is in a good structural condition and that it is unlikely to pose any problems in the near future.

Drain Survey Reports

Having completed the survey, our trained drain camera specialists will provide a comprehensive report to Water Industry standards including:

  • All information recorded onto a DVD
  • Diagrammatic drawings
  • Inspection chamber report information

The report will also contain a summary of our recommendations, offering remedial repair solutions and specifying cleaning requirements for any structural defects or blockages that we find. We are very happy to explain all of our findings to you. Our camera equipment can survey all domestic and industrial pipe work from 75mm to 2 metres in diameter both above and below ground, this covers most pipe work, if we can’t survey your pipes we will let you know.

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