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Everyday substances that pass through drains and pipes, such as fat, grease from food and cooking, scale content (an accumulation of acids within human waste and lime from water), as well as concrete, silt, mud, stones and roots can cause drain blockages. If any of these substances regularly builds-up in your drainage system it can lead to recurring blockages.

If your drains are blocked they will need cleaning to ensure that the pipe work and sewers are able to do their job properly and carry waste water away. Simply call us and our fully equipped service vehicles and independently trained personnel will come out to your home or premises promptly and clean the effected drains and pipes.

Drain Cleaning Methods

For internal above ground soil pipes we use a combination of electro-mechanical equipment and high pressure water jetting techniques to clear the drain and ensure that your pipe work is left in a clean and free flowing condition:

  • Electro-mechanical equipment uses a flexible steel cable that has changeable cutting blades at the front to remove stubborn scale content that cannot be cleaned by jetting methods.
  • High pressure water jetting technique uses hoses that travel through drains and sewers with a pressure nozzle at the front to blast clean the area.

Drain Descaling

Drains suffer from the build-up of scale content and corrosion, just as all pipe work does, this is a typical symptom of modern drains in hard water areas. Over a long period of time, scale can accumulate and block your pipes, if this happens your drains will need descaling.

When descaling underground cast iron drainage, our drain specialists use high pressure water jetting equipment with chain flail attachments. The chains spin very fast and remove all of the scale content or corrosion that has built up, returning the drain to a serviceable condition.

Root Removal

Another common cause of blockages and damage to drains are roots from trees. Please see our Root Removal Services page for more information on how we can help you.

Liquid & Specialist Waste Removal

We also offer liquid and specialist waste cleaning services including waste management and disposal. We can arrange to safely dispose of any contaminated waste in accordance with Environmental Agency Regulations, including dealing with all duty of care paperwork. More info


Most buildings insurance policies cover drainage damage, but we recommend that you check your policy and consult your insurance company first. We are happy to liaise with your insurers and/or Loss Adjusters on your behalf and assist with any requirements they may have.

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